No Guts, No Glory: Learn Sexy Women Photography

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The Nude Body – Things To Consider Before Your Next Shoot


In nude photography it is easy to focus primarily on the head of your model. But the nude body is as equally as important as the face and you should not divide your attention between the two.

Reports of the Death of Nude & Glamour Photography May Be Exaggerated


Playboy turns non-nude (in the US for now). Pirelli suddenly publishes female PG13 imagery of dressed high achievers. Real-men’s heavy gear calendars show cute cats – all because the internet is full of free porn. Huh? Jimmy D, the PrettyGirlShooter and industry veteran, talks insights.

Starting My Fitness Regime 2015 (Ongoing)


Back in June this year my scale showed me a shocking weight of 91.5 kg/202 lbs. Pure fat, so to say. I realized that my last chance to a better lifestyle required a radical change of course, so starting out with serious exercising was the only possible option I saw fit. Find all about “Why, How, When, Struggles, Benefits & What I’ve Learned” in my post.

Alluring Glam Nude Look: 2-Light Setup (+ Available Light)


In glamour/nude photography here in Europe, the subjects are still portrayed in alluring and exciting ways ranging from fully sexy dressed to nude. Glamour is primarily meant to tease and flirt with the viewer but never crosses the border to pornography and erotica at all! Get all actionable advice here.

What’s The Right Photo Model? – Types of Modeling


Of course every photographer has a specific taste in models, but if you start-up or enhance your existing portfolio, your work is evaluated based on the appropriate selection of your models. In this article I separated the model types into different genres based on my own categorization and experience with Sexy Women Photography.

A Sexy Romantic Touch – B&W Digital Photography


Step-by-step the full look creation with FREE RAW file, Preset & Action (PS/LR): Concept, styling, lighting, B&W conversion.
In Sexy Romantic, Art Nude Model Hanna rests on a Victorian armchair, passing time one afternoon, reading poetry in her living room – a visually soft and artistic romance.

LIVE I: The Big Bet! (Review)


One day, without any particular reason, and out of the blue, I was struck by extreme enthusiasm and pioneer spirit (for B+) which lead to the decision of setting up a live stream photo shoot event. A long journey of tech preparation with lots of troubles along the way had begun.
The live shoot itself went perfectly great – we survived, delivered – and succeeded! Get the full insights here…

Get Creative. Shoot B&W.


Conceptually opting for digital B&W is an exceptionally potent tool (and strategy) in the hand of every photographer, yet it should be utilized purposeful and with a clear commitment of intent.
It’s not only about deviation and fun but also (business) value, vital diversification, distinction and opening up your mind.

Soft & Sensual Photography: Boudoir Style Involved


Soft series are more sensitive and elegant than bold glamour portraiture and nudity itself is often times rather implied than explicit. In my opinion, “sensual/soft” is also a synonym for an aspect of “boudoir photography”. Get a 5 minutes FREEMIUM “How To” video and full details here.

Photo Shoot Concept “Romance Glam” – feat. Playmate Coxy Dominika


Observe Playmate Coxy Dominika in a charming and colorful scene. The pictorial approach was chosen to create a glamour scene that lives from different light sources and characteristics. Attributes were subtle, soft, warm and teasing.

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