No Guts, No Glory: Learn Sexy Women Photography

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Shooting Black & White Nudes at Home: The Blonde Glam Model

FEATURE - Shooting Black & White Nudes at Home

I detected an artistic lack in my portfolio that urged me to produce a supplemental style of imagery. My new series are Black & White Nudes, driven by soft tonalities and charming personalities. No overdone beautifying and styling.
And – due to lack of any budget – shot at my home place!

My Little Kit of Light (for On Location & Studio)

Feature Image - Essential Studio Lighting Kit for Photo Studio & On Location

I am introducing you to my essential studio lighting kit that will take you a long way when starting out in nude photography. I am calling this selection the “Little Kit of Light” and I perform a lot of shoots with this gear myself.

Light Ratios: Carving Your Model’s Forms

Light Ratios - Carving Curves - Playmate Stana Black and White Shot

Rationing light helps you to purposefully create dimensionality. Glam, Beauty or Art Nudes Photography are using different approaches that you need to know about.
Are you shaping forms?

“SMOOTH. Create, Enhance & Improve Your Portfolio the Easy Way”

SMOOTH - Your Model Photography - Build an Instant Variety

** New Release | 138 min runtime** – Build an Instant Image Variety the SMOOTH WAY! This extensive tutorial takes you by the hand and guides you all the way from starting out in Sexy Women Photography to finished compelling and thoroughly diverse alluring images.
Dan will help you to create your first complete portfolio with a vast variety of styles or – in case you already have that – an enhanced and revamped showcase of your signature style!

My Small Flash Units: A Very Portable Lighting Kit – Part 1/2

Walimex Small Flash Units - Report & Showcase - with Dan Hostettler - Glamour Photography

After solely working with my monolight-kit for a long time, I’ve finally decided to invest in a more lightweight and even more mobile solution: Small Flash Units.
Get my first report, product images, test shots and results here.

Photography Lighting: Modifier Comparison Tool

Photography Lighting Modifier Comparison Tool

This neat tool helps you to explore and judge different lighting qualities and the related shadow characteristics.
Choose a modifier and then test another one from so you get to see the differences.

Romantic Glamour Scene: 2-Light Setup with Fireplace

Romantic Glamour with Playmate Coxy Dominika

Explore how I shot a glowy and glamorous series. Sense the warmth of Playmate Dominika’s body and the coziness of the setting.
A crackling fire, 2 flash lights, creativity in tweaking posing possibilities… – that’s it.

Fast Glam with Beauty Dish: 1-Light Setup – FREEMIUM Video

'Fast Glam' - Glamour Photography with Melisa Mendini

Video, BTS, Set Plan: Learn how to shot a fast and very alluring glam series with just one light and modifier. All you need is a beauty dish with grid, an “emotional” background and your model!