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Marketa Belonoha Nude Shoot: Beginner’s Luck

The Marketa Belonoha Shoot 2005 - Great Body

Dan’s early shoot with Marketa Belonoha is not his best but it is a good showcase of what is okay and what could have been improved upon. See all tech details, lighting and photos in this mini-guide.

Dan’s Photo Lighting Techniques: “Dramatic Lighting”


Photo Lighting Guide “DRAMA”. The first comprehensive, intuitive visual photo light guide with 3D setups, gear description, lighting diagrams. 5 different, tasteful sexy scenarios with nude model & Playmate Coxy Dominika.

The Basics of Glamour Photo Lighting on an Indoor Shoot

Glamour Photo Lighting with Jenni Czech

The 3 Light Setup is the standard among Indoor Glamour Shots. Learn the Glamour Photo Lighting Basic Arrangement for any shoot. See a full shoot (BTS) & results…

A Blend of 50s Chic and Hollywood Glamour Lighting

50s Chic & Glamour Lighting and Hollywood Blend with Stana

Decent Chic – it’s all about the hair…and the lighting. I had the pleasure of shooting the insanely talented nude art model Stana. See the full shoot (BTS) & results here!

Castle Romance: Flash Lighting & Reflector Bounce

"The Golden Hour" by Olivier De Rycke - Photography Lighting for You: Bounced Flash Lighting

The Magic Hour – Simulating Sunlight. The aim was to simulate the last rays of the sun with setting up a golden reflector for implied lighting. Candles already lighten up the room before nightfall.

Like a Princess: Natural Light & Bounced Flash

"Like a Princess" by Olivier De Rycke - Photography Lighting for You: Sunlight and Bounced Flash

Summer Sunlight, a Shadowy Room and a Little Help This image was created during a beautiful photo session in South France. It was summertime, the sunlight was hot and the bedroom location discreetly lit. The model and I enjoyed the atmosphere. And the result – created in a very simple lighting setup – is just…

Simple Boudoir Lighting (Video)

Photography Tips for Your Boudoir Photo Shoot - Video by Michael Zelbel

Photography Tips for Your Boudoir Photo Shoot – Michael Zebel is a German professional people photographer. In this short tutorial he demonstrates how simply it is for you to setup your speedlights in order to achieve stunning results.

Mixing Flash and Window Lighting with Marketa Belonoha

Photography Lighting - Window Lighting: Natural and Flash Light Combined - Set Marketa

Tips for Using Window Light in Nude Photography: The flash light as key delivers in this situation a crisp and bold light. The window lighting helps supporting my visual signature style: brightness.
I used a strip as modifier for a) softening the light and b) controlling the light distribution more accurate.