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4 Point Lighting for a Beauty Shot

4 Point Lighting - Beauty Photography

To be clear: Related to an absolute lighting setup there is no such thing as ‘beauty light’. A beauty light may be both soft and glowing or dramatic and dark. This all totally depends on the beauty image you actually visualize in your mind.

Marketa Belonoha Nude Shoot: Beginner’s Luck

The Marketa Belonoha Shoot 2005 - Great Body

Dan’s early shoot with Marketa Belonoha is not his best but it is a good showcase of what is okay and what could have been improved upon. See all tech details, lighting and photos in this mini-guide.

Dan’s Photo Lighting Techniques: “Dramatic Lighting”


Photo Lighting Guide “DRAMA”. The first comprehensive, intuitive visual photo light guide with 3D setups, gear description, lighting diagrams. 5 different, tasteful sexy scenarios with nude model & Playmate Coxy Dominika.

The Basics of Glamour Photo Lighting on an Indoor Shoot

Glamour Photo Lighting with Jenni Czech

The 3 Light Setup is the standard among Indoor Glamour Shots. Learn the Glamour Photo Lighting Basic Arrangement for any shoot. See a full shoot (BTS) & results…

A Blend of 50s Chic and Hollywood Glamour Lighting

50s Chic & Glamour Lighting and Hollywood Blend with Stana

Decent Chic – it’s all about the hair…and the lighting. I had the pleasure of shooting the insanely talented nude art model Stana. See the full shoot (BTS) & results here!

Castle Romance: Flash Lighting & Reflector Bounce

"The Golden Hour" by Olivier De Rycke - Photography Lighting for You: Bounced Flash Lighting

The Magic Hour – Simulating Sunlight. The aim was to simulate the last rays of the sun with setting up a golden reflector for implied lighting. Candles already lighten up the room before nightfall.

Like a Princess: Natural Light & Bounced Flash

"Like a Princess" by Olivier De Rycke - Photography Lighting for You: Sunlight and Bounced Flash

Summer Sunlight, a Shadowy Room and a Little Help This image was created during a beautiful photo session in South France. It was summertime, the sunlight was hot and the bedroom location discreetly lit. The model and I enjoyed the atmosphere. And the result – created in a very simple lighting setup – is just…

Simple Boudoir Lighting (Video)

Photography Tips for Your Boudoir Photo Shoot - Video by Michael Zelbel

Photography Tips for Your Boudoir Photo Shoot – Michael Zebel is a German professional people photographer. In this short tutorial he demonstrates how simply it is for you to setup your speedlights in order to achieve stunning results.