No Guts, No Glory: Learn Sexy Women Photography

Romantic Glamour Scene: 2-Light Setup with Fireplace

Explore how I shot a glowy and glamorous series. Sense the warmth of Playmate Dominika’s body and the coziness of the setting.
A crackling fire, 2 flash lights, creativity in tweaking posing possibilities… – that’s it.

Fast Glam with Beauty Dish: 1-Light Setup – FREEMIUM Video

Video, BTS, Set Plan: Learn how to shot a fast and very alluring glam series with just one light and modifier. All you need is a beauty dish with grid, an “emotional” background and your model!

“COMBOtut: glam & artNUDES – The Anatomy of a Production Day”

This comprehensive video tutorial (133 min) and its enclosed eBook (240 pages) deliver the perfect and sexy overview about all steps of a photo production process from A to Z:
Concept, Planning, Art Direction, Implementation, Secrets, Observation & Results for You!

Exclusive Preview!
Insights from Dan’s glamNUDE Photo Production Day

I am very proud and happy to give you an exclusive preview of my soon to be released first video tutorial. Gain valuable insights into the tutorial’s approach, outline and full set (!), including all results and the explanation of my lighting design. It’s one set out of five…

Nude Jenni’s UFO Sighting: A Nerd’s 1-Light Setup

A simple setup creates some amazing results – Nude Jenni’s UFO Sighting! 1 light, 1 beauty dish with grid, 20 minutes time. Check out the light setup-implementation, the background story and the awesome imagery we captured right before Jenni got beamed up, fully clothed in her birthday suit…

FREEMIUM Video: “Portray Your Nudes” feat. Melisa Mendini

FREEMIUM Video: Observe the sexy shoot I had with Melisa Mendini, presenting you the set “Portray Your Nudes”. Get all tech specs, my approach and the results in under 5 minutes.

Structuring the Shape of Light

For creating different moods and specific atmospheres you can’t just use a bare flash bulb all day long. By physically modifying your light source, you are able to control the shape and spread of light in your images. It enables you to build selective lighting designs.

The way of achieving this control is through the use of (light) modifiers. Get here a set of 3D-series demonstrating the characteristic of light and shadow casting.

Melisa Mendini in “Portray Your Nudes” – Big Light on a White Seamless Background

Today I’d like to introduce you to a short but powerful guided tour that shows you how to setup clean studio beauty lighting for portraying your nudes.
This lighting design gives both you and your model a great freedom of movements (posing, angles, axes) because the main light area is wide and forgiving.

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