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“ESSENTIALS. Studio Lighting for Nude Photography”

feat. Jenni Czech & Melisa Mendini – by Dan Hostettler

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Photography Lighting - Nude Photography - Jenni Czech - Essentials

Your Most Comprehensive Lighting Blueprints

Essential Studio Lighting for Nude Photography with Jenni Czech & Melisa Mendini

Juice Things Up!

Does studio lighting scare you away?
Too many lights, light modifiers, gear and stuff?
Have you never ever worked seriously with studio equipment?
Are you curious about improving and evolving your style?

Read on!

This book delivers the perfect “one size fits all” access: for newcomers, amateurs, aficionados, even versed pros – there is always something new to explore whether it is fresh from scratch or just tidbits.

Surely theory is based on century old common knowledge, yet the ground to start your new excursion is based on my personal trials & errors, my inspiration and my implementation and execution experience gathered over the last 15 years.

Let yourself be led by exploring my settings, creations, ideas and last but not least my intriguing imagery.

Trainings & Exercises - Essential Studio Lighting for Nude Photography

The Big Picture & Trainings for You!

My concept and art direction in this book is simple: Step by step, I am depicting and explaining all the equipment involved, providing you with the theoretical aspects in more detail and leading you to advanced, yet simple to understand lighting setups.

The big picture ultimately follows one simple principle: Setting you back on square one later on and letting you start over with just one light – at your home, in your dedicated studio space, wherever you work. Once you have gotten the full comprehensive oversight, you will better understand how to handle a simple One-Light-Setup.

3D lighting illustration - Learn & Educate Yourself - Essential Studio Lighting for Nude Photography

Learn While Exploring

Besides the hard facts, theory, infographics and some fun elements, I absolutely “want to educate you with some real eye candies”; applied in form of the visual 3D lighting illustrations and the alluring imagery with Jenni Czech and Melisa Mendini.

The extra provided 2D set plans will help you in studio when you start replicating, tweaking and evolving your own lighting designs.

Jenni, Melisa and I were working real hard for over month in order to create the concept and content for this book. And now, I am more than happy to let you get started with your new, delightful journey on the tracks of “Essentials. Studio Lighting in Nude Photography”!

Essentials, Insights, Trainings - Essential Studio Lighting for Nude Photography

Essentials, Insights, Trainings & Dan’s Methods

  • Guide Parts: Theory, Showcase & Challenge Yourself
  • Comprehensive & Extensive Theory Part
  • Easy to Follow Illustrative Practical Knowledge and Tips
  • Understanding Light & Lighting: Directions, Shadow Casts, Light Fall-Off
  • Light Source Sizes, Hard & Soft Light, Light Ratios
  • Photo Light Functions & Light Placement
  • Catchlights, Moods & White Balance
  • Color Spaces, Shutter & Dan’s Exposure Triangle
  • Get Your White Balance Right in Lightroom & Photoshop
  • Metering & Triggering
  • Different Flash-Heads: Monolights & Pack System
  • Everything about Light Modifiers, Softboxes vs Umbrellas, Beauty Dishes
  • Modifier’s Sizes, Shapes and Sweet Spots
  • Grids, Reflectors, Light Stands & Support Stuff
  • Light & Camera Settings
  • Specific Lighting Analyzes in the Showcase Part
  • Beauty Dish: Dan’s Fast Glam Example
  • 19 All-Inclusive Case Studies with Equipment List, 3D Lighting Designs & 2D Set Plans that You can Replicate
  • Build Your First Lighting Setup
  • Challenge Yourself! Dan’s 4 Additional Lighting Setups for You: Train and Create Your New Lighting Ideas and Designs
  • Revealing Behind the Scenes Imagery All Over the Book: Observe the Insights
What You will Get - Essential Studio Lighting for Nude Photography

What You will Get

  • Fundamental knowledge, trainings and inspirational visual lighting guide
  • Extensive theory part to strengthen your practical work
  • Full equipment lists for beginners & pros (that Dan’s uses himself)
  • High quality nude imagery: 19 different sets & theory part imagery
  • Images with famous nude models Jenni Czech & Melisa Mendini
  • 19 all-inclusive case studies/lighting setups for 1, 2, 3 & 4 lights (+ reflectors)
  • All technical parameters used during the exercises
  • Comprehensive 3D lighting setups from different point of views
  • Detailed explanation on light directions, impacts on shadow casting, light interaction and location composition
  • 280 pages in total
  • Over 80 illustrative simulations & descriptions in 3D
  • Over 80 lighting-design images in 3D (POVs)
  • Over 220 behind the scenes & illustrative images
  • 30 illustrations
  • 150 tasteful nude images in 19 sets and theory part
  • 12 light pattern analyses by Dan
  • 19 lighting plans (2D) for replicating situations at your end
  • Instant PDF download for immediate use on your PC, Mac, iProducts & Droids
  • BONUS: 13 lighting sets for immediate use with set.a.light.3D

Set a Light 3D FREE SOFTWARE Download - via BLOG+, Nude Photography


Get 13x 3D Lighting Setup Files from this book for exploring & tweaking my light-designs on your own!

Download a full version of set.a.light.3D today at NO COST (PC or Mac)! No credit card info required, just your name & email!

After trial’s expiration, the viewer stays free forever. This way you can keep on seeing my lighting plans for free – the ones from this guide and the others in my future blog posts.

Photographer Dan Hostettler - Sexy Women Photographer with Melisa Mendini - Studio Lighting for Nude Photography

About the Author: Dan Hostettler

Dan has been a professional beauty and nude photographer for more than 15 years.

He is Swiss born and currently living and working in Prague (Czech Republic). Dan founded his flagship business, StudioPrague, which includes a dedicated production company that has received international recognition and offers private, high-end workshops. Dan has had the pleasure of photographing some of the world’s most beautiful female nude models and he always strives to capture that “bold sexy moment”, both in the studio and on location.

In this eBook, Dan shares his extensive knowledge and insights in an easy-to-follow, visual and intuitive way. It will help you build a comprehensive foundation for your studio lighting knowledge. It will also inspire you to train and create your new lighting ideas and designs.

Fast-track your studio lighting journey! Let Dan teach you his various, exciting styles and start to implement simple lighting and various moods in your future shoots NOW!

Buy with confidence: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Buy Now 'ESSENTIALS. Studio Lighting for Nude Photography

eBook (PDF) | Immediate Download

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Buyer’s Reviews & Comments


  1. Dan you have hit this one out of the park!

    Great work, if you have questions concerning studio lighting Dan has answers!

  2. I took a look at the table of contents and found the book to be well laid out. In addition to presenting some lighting layouts, it covers topics like metering and color accuracy. So, while beginners certainly will benefit from reading this, there is useful information for those who are more advanced in their lighting skills as well.

    – Joe, USA

  3. Your new eBook “Studio Lighting for Nude Photography” is fantastic! The quality is SUPURB; everything from the images to the lighting diagrams are gorgeous. You have set the bar for what photography books should be.

    • Thank you so much James! Very happy you like it. We were working hard to set a great standard in our niche, Sexy Women Photography. It’s worth every effort when working with such great people and when knowing that the audience is appreciating the outcome. All the insightful creation process: I’m loving it!

  4. Daniel M Aust says:

    I am not one to buy ebooks generally, however after seeing the table of contents and a few of the images I couldn’t resist the purchase.
    I am so impressed! Such an enjoyable and educational read!
    By far this book has been the most informative and well presented photography guide I have ever read.
    The images, the lighting diagrams with detailed explanation, are all brilliantly put together and so easy to digest. Thanks Dan for the rapid education:) Look forward to reading your next publication.

    • Hi Daniel, thanks for leaving a comment and review. Great to hear you got fast and comprehensive insights and explanations.
      Thanks for trusting my products and your time reading my guides!

  5. William says:

    Hi Dan,
    Have really enjoyed the latest studio guide.

    Just wondering if you have considered some tips on using LED lights or using flash with natural light on location.

    I am planning on investing in some LED lights and always struggle with flash outdoors

    Best as always for the inspiration. – am going to be brave and post some images this weekend

    • Hi William, thanks for your comment. Happy you find the inputs helpful!

      LED: until now I’m playing around with LED lighting for doing video recording but never considered it for a photo shoot. For a next photo shoot I wanna try a setting with small Arri Fresnel or Dedo Lights, which both have much more power yet also are unbelievable expensive; so I will rent them.
      Stills with LEDs: let me think about that – could be a great idea to carry out a photo shoot to identify pro and cons. Thanks for the input!

      Looking forward for some of your results here !

    • Hi William,

      I have been using LED’s for studio work for about a year and a half and I have had an LED portrait ring light for about a year.. I love shooting constant lighting, no waiting for your lights to cycle. Great for group shoots as well. They still aren’t as strong as strobes so use a camera that has good low light performance. I prefer to use the daylight only LED’s rather than the half daylight, half tungsten config.

      They also have a different look, much more like Kino Flo’s. The produce a different highlight in the eye and sometimes the girls tear up facing two thousand points of light. has some LED comparisons.



  6. William says:

    Hi Jim,
    That’s great I will have a look at that.

    The Westcotts are first choice with maybe Lowel Id-light as next choice.

  7. Hi Dan,
    One word, “Fantastic” describes this book. This book really does cover so much & coupled with the photos as well as the 3D imagery makes this Ebook a pleasure to read. Easy to understand text, packed with loads of information. This Ebook has jogged my memory on some things i had forgotten and allowed me to expand my knowledge base.

    The extensive lighting sets with detailed descriptions of how each light effects the image look is perfect & these can all be replicated in your own studio (living room). Setplans in 3D courtesy of Set A light 3D software make the setups easy to visualize.

    This is a great source of reference and a must for anyone photography book collection.

    Great work Dan !!



    • Hey Jason, thanks for your comment and feedback here!

      Great you like the book and got a lot of info out of it :)

      Wish you all the best with your photography work. See you around,

  8. Hi Dan,
    Making my way through the book. It’s very interesting and I love the layout; the way it’s laid out with pics on every page.
    Not like those boring books with pages and pages of text with only a few pics. And I learned some things; how often can you say that?

    I’m a Jenni fan from way back and always call her my very favorite model, though have not seen her lately, so that was a great surprise!
    I love that gridded beauty dish section with Jenni, very nice.

    Tim, USA

  9. Dan,
    I have to say I am very impressed with your guides, you obviously spent a great amount of time on them, I have quite an extensive library of lighting books, your guides blow them out of the water.

    Peter, USA

  10. Excellent guide and ebook. I recomend it.

  11. Eric Oxenberg says:

    Do you go into much detail about posing models, or would you recommend a book that helps models learn to do attractive boudoir posing? I could use some help teaching my models in addition to doing better setups!

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