No Guts, No Glory: Learn Sexy Women Photography

Periscope Replay with Art Nude Model Hanna (Report & Insights)

Periscope Replay: Test Posing Classic & Art Nude Photo Shoot – Here’s what Hanna and Dan played through: Refining Figurative Posing & Refining Bodyscapes Posing. This was the last rehearsal to ensure everything is on the right track before airing LIVE 2 on April 2nd 2016.

Report & Insights From A Test Photo Shoot With Melisa Mendini

I executed a little shoot with the wonderful Melisa Mendini in order to test and confirm the twist of educational topics as well as program order and to finalize quick wins for “LIVE 2 – The World of Posing”. The full action was broadcasted by Persicope – find a reply here.

What’s The Right Photo Model? – Types of Modeling

Of course every photographer has a specific taste in models, but if you start-up or enhance your existing portfolio, your work is evaluated based on the appropriate selection of your models. In this article I separated the model types into different genres based on my own categorization and experience with Sexy Women Photography.

Implied Nudity: Never Forget The So-Called Safety Shots!

In my early days, I really had to get used to this necessity: implied nudes shot. Keep in mind that you can’t just use and publish completely nude pictures anywhere.
When do you take the implied ones? What’s your strategy?

Working with Models: Coaching Actions over Forcing Poses

When I start working with a model for the first time, I mainly have story related poses in mind. Yet sometimes the model doesn’t understand my intention and ideas, so I have to demonstrate a few concepts and actions to her.
Every once in a while I intentionally go way overboard just to get some laughter out of her. As mentioned: Mood is everything.

Types and Variety of Poses that are Supporting Your Message

Obviously there are various sexy-photography genres existing that require different approaches for poses. Here I will break down the most important for you and actually show corresponding images. I hope this categorized outline helps you to better cross reference the topics.
And the images are worth more than a 1,000 words :)

Chloe Nude Shoot: Creating Magic in the Temple of Art

By pure chance, Dan stumbled across a terrific opportunity last fall: Chloe was visiting Europe for a shooting job and some additional vacation days.
On very short notice, the decision was made that she would come to visit him in Prague.

Dan then persuaded her to a nude shoot because he just discovered a stunning location a couple of weeks before: an old church, transformed into an art gallery…

Impactful, Athletic Nude Poses: Motion Creates Emotion

Any easy way to create or boil down the overall, “vibe” of a shoot is to create a story. Even if you are not shooting with props or elaborate scenery, by inventing a back story or motivation for both you and your model, the poses will be filled with emotion and inventiveness.

Vol. 2 – “fashionNUDES & Freestyle Poses”

It’s Your Story!

Tired of the same old glamour poses? Hard to get yourself and your models inspired?
Work with fashion-like poses, because they are your unfair advantage! Learn how to expand your vision and build an exciting portfolio. Get inspired by a load of sexy, professionally performed poses that give you a general idea of how emotions, expressions and settings for your future stories can be adapted.

Vol. 1 – “fashionNUDES & Glamour Poses”

Fashion-like Model Poses Will Boost Your Creative Concepts!
This guide will show you in depth what fashion posing has to offer to glamour modeling! Exciting lines, forms, expressions… All play together to create either a mood or simply a pleasant image to look at. You will intuitively learn how to start your model’s posing correctly, how to position her arms and legs right and how to create moods and emotions you desire to achieve better model photos overall.

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