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Model Posing: Facial Expressions for (Nude) Modeling

A Visual Posing Guide with Top Model Jenni Czech

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How To Shoot Models - Facial Expression for Nude Modeling with Jenni Gregg

Sexy? Provocative? Dreaming? Intimate?

All of these moods are basic instruments that you have to develop together with your model in order to compose a meaningful photo. This guide supports you in achieving that goal.

The well renowned nude model Jenny Czech personally explains all important aspects of her profession to you.

“Facial Expressions for Nude Modeling” is your fully comprehensive guide that explains in detail how you should direct your model in order to create the moods and emotions you desire by means of your model’s expressions and gestures.

Knowing the power and subtlety of expressions and having the ability to communicate with your model how to deliver that special mood, is what gives your photos that “special something”.

The included Non-Nude Version is great for use with all of your models.

Essential Posing - Table of Content - Facial Expression for Nude Modeling with Jenni Gregg

Essentials, Insights, Secrets.

  1. What Are Facial Expressions?
  2. Facial Expressions in Nude Modeling. Important? Yes!
  3. The Photographer’s Role
  4. A Personal Note: Successful Storyline Fundamentals
  5. Basic Tips for Models and Know-How for Photographers
  6. The Specifics: Effective Head and Face Posing
  7. A Personal Note: Why I Love a Smile Even in the Art of Nude Photography
  8. Hands Tell It All: Intuitive Gestures for Your Perfect Photo
  9. Changing Facial Expressions with Photoshop
  10. Finally You Discovered: The Look is Everything!
  11. A Few Real World (FEX) Shots
Model Poses - Facial Expression for Nude Modeling with Jenni Gregg

What You will Get.

  • Visual Nude Posing Guide
    => Receive Instant Answers!
  • All Photo Poses with famous Nude Model Jenni Czech
  • Expressions, Hands and Specific Gestures
    => The Most Important Strategies!
  • Facial Views & Head Positions
    => Anyone Can Learn the Secrets of Professional Model Posing!
  • Lips, Eyes & Eyebrows
    => Learn to Understand Emotions!
  • Storytelling
    => How to Direct Your Models!
  • >Over 120 dedicated Poses
    => Essential Poses with Gestures and Expressions
  • Real World Shots
    => Published Photos Showing Various Models with Different Expressions
  • More than 130 Exciting Pages (Full Color 8×11″) with 200 Stunning Photos
  • A Vast Number of Essential PRO Advices
  • Instant PDF Download for Immediate Use
    on PC, Mac, IProducts & Droids
  • Bonus 1: 2 Cheat Sheets
    => Linguistic Facial Expression Helper & 10 Magical Methods for Good Communication and Keeping the Good Mood all Session Long
  • Bonus 2: Facial Expressions Non-Nude Version, 80 pages.
    => Great for Use With All of Your Models
  • Bonus 3: Glamour Poses Light Booklet
    => The Most Essential Poses (non nude)

Features & Reviews

Facial Expressions for Nude Modeling featured on Nude Photo Pro - The Professional Nude Photography BlogFeatured in emagazine FOTODigital - Facial Expressions for Nude ModelingFeatured on FOTODigital, Portugal Facial Expressions for Nude ModelingFeatured-on-PrettyGirlShooter,-JimmyD---USA

Jenni Czech Nude Photo Model - Facial Expression for Nude Modeling with Jenni Gregg

About Jenni

Jenni’s a top nude model published in Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler, Mayfair, Met-Art, FemJoy, Erotic Destinations, Errotica Archives, etc.

She also worked in commercials for Roberto Cavalli, Moschino, TV Commercials, etc.

Check Out a Workshop’s Behind the Scene Documentation:

Dan Hostettler - Beauty & Nude Photographer - Facial Expression for Nude Modeling with Jenni Gregg

About the Author: Dan Hostettler

Dan has been a professional beauty and nude photographer for more than 15 years.

Swiss born and currently living and working in Prague (Czech Republic), Dan founded his flagship StudioPrague which as a dedicated production company has received international recognition for nude photography productions and high end workshops. He has photographed some of the nude world’s most beautiful women and always strive to capture that ‘bold sexy moment’ both in studio and on location.

In this eBook Dan shares his extensive knowledge and experience in an easy-to-follow visual and intuitive way to help you fast-track your journey for capturing meaningful and seductive model photos.

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Buyer’s Reviews & Comments


  1. I downloaded the book, and just finished going thorough it. It is exactly what I have been looking for, to use as a guide to show a model a particular look, or pose that I am looking for. Jenni is a perfect model to use for the examples. She knows all the looks, poses, and expressions that make an amazing photograph. I plan to put the book on my iPad, for easy access during a shoot, and then I will be able to do simply show the model, on the spot, exactly what I am looking for as a basis for a shot, and then tweak it to my particular desires. Besides the excellent images, the tips, and suggestions are very useful. Not being a professional photographer, (I’m an avid hobby photographer), there are many times when I am at a loss for words, to try to get the model to accomplish a desired effect. In addition, I am starting to work more now, with new, or inexperienced models, which makes things that much more difficult, but made easier with information in this book. I have already picked up a few useful tidbits of information that I plan to use in upcoming shoots. This book, and my iPad, will be with me on every shoot now. Very nicely done, Dan and Jenni.

  2. Niclas Lövkvist says:

    Hi Dan!

    Just had the chance to read the book. The subject of facial expressions if probably one of the most overlook in nude photography, so a very welcome contribution! The book is straight to the point and rewardingly showered with clear and easily understandable shots of Jenni Czech. I think it may be a good working tool for many when it comes to directing and getting the shots the look for when working with models (nude or not). I will!


  3. Great illustrations on how expressions can change the whole context of a photograph. This book should be studied by anyone who might be interested in the acting or advertising business as well as modeling. Jenni is experienced in the commercial world as well as glamour and fine art. The collaboration of subject and photographer produced a very useful book for individuals in a variety of media. Study Jenni’s expressions while enjoying the presentation.

  4. One word… WOW! This is the best book I have ever seen/read on this topic!

    First of all, what makes it great/unique is the mixture of comments and advice from the photographer’s point of view and from the model’s. I don’t think I have ever seen this collaborative presentation approach before. The design is clean and the images are consistent, which makes for a really good tutorial that stays focused on the central theme of the book…FEX. It is well organized, the progression of ideas makes sense, and it’s written with an enjoyable conversational tone to it… without unneeded repetition or preaching!

    Keeping the focus limited to Jenni Czech on a white background, with consistent hair/makeup etc. narrows your attention to the subtle variations in her facial expressions alone. I also like how you saved the other model’s photos for last few pages, to show how these FEX can be interpreted/applied by different models and into different styles of shooting.

    • Hey Dana, thanks a lot for purchasing the ebook and your comprehensive review!

      Indeed I thought it’s the best, most consistent way to present the main topic with Jenni Czech in a clean, appealing and sexy style. No distractions from backgrounds, scenery and props.
      And to conclude/round up the excursion showcasing published real nude shots in order to “proof” that the topic really matters.

      Glad you like it! Have a lot of successful shoots with FEX!

  5. Facial expressions is a field of nude modelling that both the photographer and model may oversee, as there are many other details to be conserned about. After reading the Nude modeling facial expressions-book by Dan Hostettler I must admit that I still have A LOT to learn. Book offers an interesting view on the facial focal point, spiced up with pro-tips from Dan. Also the book contain some information on the placing of hands etc, which also is interesting. The psychology of small elements as how the head turns, how the eyes look and how the hands are posted is stronger than one can imagine. The book is richly illustrated with pictures of (mainly) Jenni Czech and also a few shots of other models. Even though Jenni is a gorgeous model, I would prefer more samples from other models, both to spice things up and to create variety. This book is all in all a good buy, hereby recommended :)

    • Hey Tom,
      thanks a lot for your review! Glad you find this helpful and you like it. To staying concise I thought showcasing Jenni is a great idea throughout the book. And then to unveil all different kind of model shots and their expressions in a separate chapter.
      I do have an idea in mind to create an overall “Big Nude Posing Book” with all different kind of famous active nude models.
      Let’s see what 2014 will bring:)
      Again thanks for sharing your experience and have great shoots ahead!

  6. Jagdish Thackersey says:

    Being a photographer by hobby & passion, and with no formal training in photography the subject of Glamour Photography becomes formidable. Now this book with guidelines on posing & facial expressions is like a bible for someone like me. The expressions on Jenni’s face need no words, and makes it very convenient for the model too. With the help of this book and using it as a reference tool, a portrait/glamour/nude photo-shoot will definitely be more fun than ever before for the photographer as well as for the model.
    Thank you, Dan, for this wonderful E-Book. Will look forward to many more from you.

    • Thank you Jagdish ! Very glad you like it and that’s a useful reference tool for you.
      And yes I promise: other topics and knowledge are on the way.
      Have a lot of successful shoots with FEX!

  7. This is a must have guide!! The collaboration of subject and photographer produced a great tutorial. Very well organized and easy to follow. A much needed resource for photographers and models alike!
    – Carrie, photography beginner

  8. Eric Menaut says:

    This guide is a must have in many ways.
    I found a very large inventory of facial expressions and especially the way to decoding them to make them better understanding and, by the way, easier to present to the model, the whole accompanied with a consequent set of photos.
    I particularly liked ‘pro advice’ which expose in one two sentences essential points to lead to a successful photo shooting.
    The bonus itself is a summary of essential advice to follow.
    Undoubtedly, I will have a better approach of my next photo shottings!
    Dan and Jenny, thank you for your excellent work.

    • Salut Eric,
      thanks a lot for your comment and brief review! I am very glad you you like the guide and that it represents a good reference for your your work. And yes, on any tablet device the images comes in handy during your upcoming photo shootings.

      Shoot well and prosper!

  9. Creative? Artistic? This eBook is both and so much more; I thoroughly enjoyed this eBook it is highly educational and well worth reading. The photos are professionally done and carry a high degree of glamour. The amount of detail on how to capture the same results for yourself really make this book a great read. The part I found most intriguing is the use of Photoshop to improve the images and give them a high quality finish.

    • Hey Ross,
      thanks for your round up! Very appreciated. Glad you like the read and advices. And very happy you appreciate the imagery. Was a ton of pleasurable work to keep a good quality standard. Self-evidently makes Jenni the first big lovely and professional impact in such a production ;-)
      Cheers, Dan

  10. I am amateur photographer and I bought the book in preparation for a shoot. The clear structure attract my attention first. Upon further reading is clear the didactic concept of the book is the exchange between explanation, perception and own interpretation. The pictures are focused on the essentials and the descriptive text emphasizes the important aspects. Interesting is the description of the interaction between model and photographer. Every photographer who knows the role of a model and accepts the advice from the book will find new ways to depict emotions in his pictures. Good Photograpen create emotions in the viewer mind. The book gave me a lot of inspiration, but I think this book is also valuable for professional photographers. Since the interplay between model and photographer is given a lot of space, the book shoud be a good preparation for models. I will read the book certainly before my next shooting.

    • Dear Erik,
      thanks a lot for your detailed feedback and review! I am very happy it’s a helpful tool for you and refers to a lot of advice you will use for the next shoots.

      Keep your enthusiast’s work going and have good shoots ahead!
      Shoot well and prosper,

  11. Having bought a hard copy through Amazon UK, it is one of those books that should have been published years ago. It a subject that heavily overlooked in the photography business when working with models in general. So at last, it’s here. As always in Swiss precision, Mr Hostettler with his sexy muse, Jenni Czech, has produce this fine material for all photo fanatics for current or future project to be use as guide for inspiration. Na Zdravi!


  12. Model Posing: Facial Expressions for (Nude) Modeling is a great addition to all the modelling books out there. There are many wonderful tips professionals and amateur photographers will benefit from. Jenny was the perfect model for your project and her expressions open the eyes of the reader making all the recommendations and suggestions easy to understand.

    I have a lot of experience working with nude models and I learned a lot by reading this book. I am definitely have it close by before a shoot.

    I will recommend this book to all the photographers I know and meet during seminars and photo shoots. Thank you so much for this great publication and best of luck with it and your future projects.

  13. Hi Dan,

    I just finished to read this book and I would to thank you for
    a great and amusing experience that helped a lot to improve my portrait photos.
    The text, layout and photos contribute to a very pleasing reading.
    Thanks to Jenny too whose astonishing beauty and empathy shines all over the book.

    • Hi Pedro,
      thank you so much for your feedback and review.
      I am very glad you had a good read and you got some value and inspiration out of this guide!
      And yes, with Jenni its a pleasure to go deeper into the matter of photography, especially when it comes to expressions :-)
      She’s the eye candy that improves my work :)

      Best from Prague,

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