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Asked: The Vision Behind The Lens

Personal voices and solid take-aways.
Get inspirational insights into the life and careers straight from photography pros and photo enthusiasts.

Every now and then, Dan writes a personal story too.

Strategies & Tactics for Your Photo Shoots

As glamour and nude model photographers, we make a lot of decisions before our shoots, during our shoots, and after our shoots. Those decisions all impact how we’re going to capture the beautiful, sensuous, models in front of our cameras and what the final ‘look’ of those images will be. Jimmy D, the PrettyGirlShooter and industry veteran, talks insights.

Pep Talk with Coxy Dominika – Playmate, Glam & Nude Model

Coxy Dominika is a Czech Playmate and an internationally working Glam & Nude Model. Get insights, revealing facts and knowledge about her career experience. Pep talk for aspiring and emerging sexy women photographers.

Pep Talk with Brenda Kucerova, Pro Fashion, Glam & Art Nude Model

Brenda Kucerova, an internationally working, dedicated Fashion, Glam & Art Nude Model about career experience and revealing facts. Pep talk for aspiring and emerging sexy women photographers.

Reports of the Death of Nude & Glamour Photography May Be Exaggerated

Playboy turns non-nude (in the US for now). Pirelli suddenly publishes female PG13 imagery of dressed high achievers. Real-men’s heavy gear calendars show cute cats – all because the internet is full of free porn. Huh? Jimmy D, the PrettyGirlShooter and industry veteran, talks insights.

Starting My Fitness Regime 2015 (Ongoing)

Back in June this year my scale showed me a shocking weight of 91.5 kg/202 lbs. Pure fat, so to say. I realized that my last chance to a better lifestyle required a radical change of course, so starting out with serious exercising was the only possible option I saw fit. Find all about “Why, How, When, Struggles, Benefits & What I’ve Learned” in my post.

Spray-n-Pray? Quality before Quantity!

How many pics snapped does it take before you enter the overkill realm of the spray-n-pray approach? Resist the digital temptation to spray-n-pray! Instead, make the experience a QUALITY experience, rather than simply a QUANTITY experience. And don’t overwork your model.

Your “Setside” Manner

In a nutshell, “working well with the girls” means there’s never any on-set drama that’s caused by the actions or the behaviors of you, the photographer. Shooting sets aren’t strip clubs and they’re also not social environments intended to provide you opportunities to “score” with models. Therefor: Be and act professional. Be a Gentleman!

Asked: Fair Trade Nudes by Stefan Grosjean

Stefan Grosjean is an erotic art photographer shooting and trading nude photographs with huge success! Interestingly enough, Stefan’s business works so well because he’s actually not running it as doggedly as you would expect one to manage a real business.

Asked: Artful Nudes by Thomas Holm

Thomas is a former advertising and commercial photographer, having made a living photographing pretty much everything for about 20 years. Today, Thomas is shooting artful nude images as a hobby. His imagery comes alive by means of sensual composition and a strong visual language mainly created by ambient day light alone.
I am feeling very delighted to present Thomas’ story, takes, showcase and even a few behind the scenes-videos here on BLOG+!

Dream Job Nude Photographer? Video Interview with Dan Hostettler

Recently I had the pleasure to visit my friends at FotoTV in Cologne (Germany) to conduct the last part of our tutorial-production-series SMOOTH: video interviews.
In the following interview I will grant you a look at different aspects of my job and also reveal some insights: the business part, the fun part – and the “being-under-pressure”-part.

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