No Guts, No Glory: Learn Sexy Women Photography

What’s The Right Photo Model? – Types of Modeling

Of course every photographer has a specific taste in models, but if you start-up or enhance your existing portfolio, your work is evaluated based on the appropriate selection of your models. In this article I separated the model types into different genres based on my own categorization and experience with Sexy Women Photography.

Shooting for the Babes-Site: Melisa Mendini World

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege to attend a behind the scenes production day here in Prague where new sets for Melisa Mendini’s own site where created. It was a busy, very long but most interesting schedule with just a few people on set. Babes-Sites: Different Styles, Different Worlds Most of us only…

Maternity Photography ≠ Nude Photography? Huh?

Intimate Maternity Photography: Limiting yourself to simply shooting within one niche is going to get dull and hard on your wallet. We are here to let you in on an untapped market for the professional photographer.

What You Need To Know to Start a Successful Boudoir Photography Business

The word “boudoir” invokes images of elegance and sensuality. Women have always been drawn to this classy and intimate form of photography, which has been growing in popularity over the past three decades. Photographers in turn have been drawn into the boudoir photography business to celebrate their subjects.

6 Photo Products to Boost Your Glamour Photography Revenue

Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a world where passion and creativity paid the bills instead of money? Sadly, this is not the case. As a glamour and nude photographer working for private clients there are obvious opportunities to make money.

Nude Photography Niches: Top 5 Tips on Making Money With Doing What You Love

The ability to make money doing what you love isn’t a far-fetched fantasy; it is something you can achieve. Many people dream of becoming first aspiring, then professional photographers.
However, the number of people with the determination to make this bold step is fewer than you may expect.

“How to Nude Photography”: Be a Great Nude Photographer!

Profession & Hobby: “How to” Nude Photography. Get some first insights here. Nude photography is a sexy yet romantic form of photography with the aim of depicting your subject or model in a very erotic way. It is not intended to endorse any clothes or a certain product. Its sole intent is to sell the model itself.

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