No Guts, No Glory: Learn Sexy Women Photography

A Sexy Romantic Touch – B&W Digital Photography

Step-by-step the full look creation with FREE RAW file, Preset & Action (PS/LR): Concept, styling, lighting, B&W conversion.
In Sexy Romantic, Art Nude Model Hanna rests on a Victorian armchair, passing time one afternoon, reading poetry in her living room – a visually soft and artistic romance.

The Charisma of Distortion or Why I Choose a Film Emulation Software

The last step in my post processing work is the cultivation of my imagery with film looks. Analogue image looks enhance the mood and evoke a feeling of authenticity. Applying this process helps me wiping out that clean, overly-perfect digital flavor…

Creative Cropping In Post Production

Cropping in post refers to the removal of the outer parts of an image to improve framing, accentuate subject matter or change aspect ratio.
Most of my images here on BLOG+, in my guides and work for my clients are intentionally displayed as cropped versions of an original shot.

Photo Retouching: Nude Art Concept LEAF by Olga Zavershinskaya

“Leaf” is about a level of communication with nature and how much people and the earth still share. Here you see the retouching process with the goal to show the physical as well as emotional processes that connect us to the greater world around us. A piece from the art department.

Photo Backup or Die – Your Images Are Not Just Snap Shots!

Easy Create Photo Backups with Backup Plans: The Importance of Protection The Loss of Your Safety Net The invention of digital photography has changed the world in many wonderful ways. To list the innumerable benefits it provides for professional and amateur photographers a-like would take days. However, with every new technology comes unforeseen misfortune for…

How to Create Your Copyright Preset in Lightroom

Protect your images by creating a copyright preset in Adobe Lightroom to automatically embed your data invisibly into your photos. A 5 minute video.

Photoshop: Color Correction with the Curves Eyedropper Tool

A quick lesson showing how easily you can correct color and contrast all at once with the Curves eyedropper tool. A 2 minute video.

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