No Guts, No Glory: Learn Sexy Women Photography

Spice Up Your Studio Shoot: Alternatives to Shooting on Seamless

Joe Rooney, a semi-pro who has been shooting art nudes for years now, does not always have the opportunity or the budget to shoot on location. But based on his experience in spicing up his studio shoots, he came up with a list of ideas for you – ideas that he actually put into practice! Get inspiration and actionable advice with tons of good ideas right here.

Shooting Nudes at Home – With Brenda Kucerova

For this private little project, there was no budget allocation in place at all yet model Brenda and I shot some marvelous looks. Explore what’s possible in order to create in a limited space and on a tight budget.

Pep Talk with Jenni Czech – Internet Celeb, Penthouse Pet, GlamNude Goddess

Master’s Degree in Business & Economics. Penthouse Pet. Internet Celeb. GlamNude Goddess. Countless shoots around the globe…
Experience a wonderful hilarious yet thoughtful interview with Jenni Czech. Get insights far from glitzy facades.

Strategies & Tactics for Your Photo Shoots

As glamour and nude model photographers, we make a lot of decisions before our shoots, during our shoots, and after our shoots. Those decisions all impact how we’re going to capture the beautiful, sensuous, models in front of our cameras and what the final ‘look’ of those images will be. Jimmy D, the PrettyGirlShooter and industry veteran, talks insights.

Pep Talk with Coxy Dominika – Playmate, Glam & Nude Model

Coxy Dominika is a Czech Playmate and an internationally working Glam & Nude Model. Get insights, revealing facts and knowledge about her career experience. Pep talk for aspiring and emerging sexy women photographers.

Pep Talk with Brenda Kucerova, Pro Fashion, Glam & Art Nude Model

Brenda Kucerova, an internationally working, dedicated Fashion, Glam & Art Nude Model about career experience and revealing facts. Pep talk for aspiring and emerging sexy women photographers.

The Nude Body – Things To Consider Before Your Next Shoot

In nude photography it is easy to focus primarily on the head of your model. But the nude body is as equally as important as the face and you should not divide your attention between the two.

Reports of the Death of Nude & Glamour Photography May Be Exaggerated

Playboy turns non-nude (in the US for now). Pirelli suddenly publishes female PG13 imagery of dressed high achievers. Real-men’s heavy gear calendars show cute cats – all because the internet is full of free porn. Huh? Jimmy D, the PrettyGirlShooter and industry veteran, talks insights.

Get Creative. Shoot B&W.

Conceptually opting for digital B&W is an exceptionally potent tool (and strategy) in the hand of every photographer, yet it should be utilized purposeful and with a clear commitment of intent.
It’s not only about deviation and fun but also (business) value, vital diversification, distinction and opening up your mind.

Approaching ‘Classic Art Nudes’: My First Attempt

Earlier this year, I felt the urge to deal with the Classic Art Nude style since it actually is a part of the Sexy Women Photography basic elements. So I forced myself into a self-prescribed lesson regarding this topic…

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