No Guts, No Glory: Learn Sexy Women Photography

Pep Talk with Coxy Dominika – Playmate, Glam & Nude Model

Coxy Dominika is a Czech Playmate and an internationally working Glam & Nude Model. Get insights, revealing facts and knowledge about her career experience. Pep talk for aspiring and emerging sexy women photographers.

Backlighting: Attractive, Artful & Simple Nudes

Flooded with light, timeless style, creation of appealing lines: Backlighting.
If you want to concentrate on the model’s curves – or rather her “Poses” – this easy to setup 1-light scenario is perfect to get rid of any other disturbing visual elements.

Bodyscapes: Simple Creation. Amazing Results.

Bodyscapes are following the classical nude approach and focus on the human form as a study, from abstract to compositional. No sexualized and teasing poses are involved so the results are typically faceless.

Pep Talk with Brenda Kucerova, Pro Fashion, Glam & Art Nude Model

Brenda Kucerova, an internationally working, dedicated Fashion, Glam & Art Nude Model about career experience and revealing facts. Pep talk for aspiring and emerging sexy women photographers.

Alluring Glam Nude Look: 2-Light Setup (+ Available Light)

In glamour/nude photography here in Europe, the subjects are still portrayed in alluring and exciting ways ranging from fully sexy dressed to nude. Glamour is primarily meant to tease and flirt with the viewer but never crosses the border to pornography and erotica at all! Get all actionable advice here.

LIVE I: The Big Bet! (Review)

One day, without any particular reason, and out of the blue, I was struck by extreme enthusiasm and pioneer spirit (for B+) which lead to the decision of setting up a live stream photo shoot event. A long journey of tech preparation with lots of troubles along the way had begun.
The live shoot itself went perfectly great – we survived, delivered – and succeeded! Get the full insights here…

Soft & Sensual Photography: Boudoir Style Involved

Soft series are more sensitive and elegant than bold glamour portraiture and nudity itself is often times rather implied than explicit. In my opinion, “sensual/soft” is also a synonym for an aspect of “boudoir photography”. Get a 5 minutes FREEMIUM “How To” video and full details here.

Photo Shoot Concept “Romance Glam” – feat. Playmate Coxy Dominika

Observe Playmate Coxy Dominika in a charming and colorful scene. The pictorial approach was chosen to create a glamour scene that lives from different light sources and characteristics. Attributes were subtle, soft, warm and teasing.

Drama Lighting Using a 1-Light Setup

Composing drama series does not mean to create dusky sceneries but rather working with well-chosen light/shadow areas and corresponding accents. Messages can be sexy lascivious, contain round forms, and be strong and bold in emotions. A drama/noir setup most definitely flatters a woman’s shape!

Photo Shoot Concept “Damn Sexy” – feat. Playmate Coxy Dominika

Observe and learn how I shot a playful and alluring glam series with just one lighting arrangement on location. All I used – aside from my camera and mentioned lighting – were an octobox, a high ladder, an attractive floor and – lucky me (again)! – Czech Playmate Coxy Dominika.

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